Pender Island Hikes


Enjoyment 1-5

1: Not much fun, no view, not worth effort

2: Some aspects were fun, maybe if you happen to be there

3: Parts were memorable, if you are in the area, I recommend it

4: Pleasant path, recommended

5: Fun path, nice scenery, wildlife present, would do again, definitely recommended

Difficulty 1-5

1: No change in elevation, simple path, you will not get lost, really easy

2: Small changes in elevation, could be obstacles, well signed path

3: Changes in elevation, small obstacles, signed path

4: Many changes in elevation, obstacles to look out for, some signs on path

5: Large changes in elevation, challenging path, some marked routes, hard

View 1-3

1: Limited view, not memorable

2: Clear view, noteworthy 

3: Beautiful view, recommended

Map of the Trails

Pender Island has an incredible amount of accesses to beaches and viewpoints. The majority of these hikes, trails, viewpoints and ocean accesses are not recognized. I have created this website to allow other people to enjoy these beautiful spots. I encourage all visitors or locals at Pender Island to do as many of these hikes or trails as possible. 

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