Found Road (Ocean Access)

Directions & Description

Found Road trail is located on South Pender, on Canal Road. The path is discretely marked. The trail is well marked, with the occasional arrow pointing you in the right direction. The majority of the trail is flat, with a few elevated points. Towards the end, the trail begins to drop off quite a bit, beginning with stairs down. The trail is fairly easy on the way down, with a few slippery spots. There is a small beach, but there isn't anywhere to sit, and there isn't much of a view to enjoy. This beach is not memorable. I would complete this hike for the trail or exercise, not to access the beach. On the way back up to the road access, the trail is very intense. There is an almost completely vertical part close to the beach, which is extremely tiring. The trail then slowly slopes down and remains pretty much flat until the road. 

This trail would be great to run or walk for a good workout. 

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