Greenburn Lake

Directions & Description

The labeled trail comes off of Gowlland Point Road, located right next to the Fire Hall. Greenburn Lake is within walking distance of Poets Cove Resort and Spa. For about the first 10 minutes the path is wide and easy to follow, with a slow incline. There isn't much of a view until you are about 5 minutes around the lake. The lake is nearly completely covered in lily pads, and framed by beautiful trees. Farther down the path there is a discrete rock, which allows you to access the water. There is the only one water access point. After the water access point the path begins to get quite narrow, and at some points you must climb over rocks. This certain part of the hike you are not able to run. There is one split in the path almost vertically opposite to the trail entrance, keep right to complete the loop around the lake. Towards the end of the walk the trail turns right, onto a wide "bridge-like" path with a great view onto the lake (where the above photo was taken). The path then connects to the entrance of the trail, where you can return to the trailhead. 

There are some very challenging parts of this trail, although with knowledge of the routes you can get a view of the lake without difficulty. The entrance of the hike is straight and easy to follow, instead of going straight, turn to your right onto a wide dirt path to see onto the lake. 

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