Heart Trail & Extension

  • Green patch is where the hike is located
    Green patch is where the hike is located

Directions & Description

Once entering Prior Centennial Campground, which is located on Canal Road, the entrance to the trail is a one minute walk. At the entrance to the campground there is an area to park your car. When following the road you will pass multiple campsites on your way to the trail. The trail is well labeled with "The Heart Trail" on a wooden post. The entrance of the trail is quite narrow (single file). There are many trees and bushes hugging the trail. The first fork in the path has a large arrow and a sign showing you the way. The path has many roots and sticks to avoid. It is a very easy and simple walk; there is little change in elevation. The path is quite enjoyable to run, the multiple obstacles make the run even more exciting. At the end of Heart Trail there is a road (Ketch Road) intercepting the path, on the other side of the road there is a sign for the extension. From the beginning of the extension the path is quite steep, although not that long. You come to a fork in the trail at the peak of the hike, where to the right you come to a road access (Ketch Road) and to the left you continue downhill to the Disc Golf Park. 


  • Wear proper shoes
  • Camping site at the base of the trail
  • Located near disc golf course 
  • Walk-able to/from Magic Lake

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