Mount Norman

Directions & Description

There are three access points:

  • Ainsley Road (Side)
  • Beaumont Marine Park (Front)
  • Walker Trail on Canal Road (Back)

*All access points are similar distance with similar time span

The access on Ainsley Road on South Pender is somewhat discrete. There is not a sign indicating access to the trail until you are roughly 20 meters up the path. There is a large sign with a map of Mount Norman trails, indicating the different lengths. The path is then straight-ahead and easy to follow. There are many signs along the way showing different trails. There is a constant increase in elevation throughout the hike. At certain points there are very steep and tiring climbs. Throughout the hike there is friendly wildlife, including: deer, eagles and ravens. The peak of the mountain has a wooden platform to lookout to the incredible view. The platform has a couple of places to sit, although there are many other areas on the peak that would be great for a picnic. 

It is important to read signs carefully on the way down. There are two trails leading opposite ways down the mountain. One trail leads down to either the Ainsley Road or Beaumont Marine Park and the other to Canal Road. On the way down the hike only takes about 20 minutes, as it is entirely downhill.  

Running this hike from any of the accesses would be a great and intense workout. 


  • Bring water bottle 
  • Proper footwear 
  • Plan for a lot of time at the peak (you will be amazed at the view... and you will want a nice long break)
  • Bring camera 
  • Follow the signs

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